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Wooing My Unknown Lover

I would walk a hundred miles,
Just to see you smile.
A hundred more I shall walk,
Just to hear you talk.

When I heard you talk today,
You brightened up my lousy day.
Your face radiates a glow,
Brighter than an angels halo.

With honey kissed lips,
And sultry hips.
With dovey eyes,
You enchant us poor guys.

Now I know what you mean to us simple guys,
When I look into your lovely eyes.
Then I see You walk the ramp,
I feel that I am but a tramp.

I may not be able to sing you a ballad,
Atleast I can make you your favourite salad.
I may not be able to act,
But I love you, that is a fact.

I may not have the looks,
But I can cook.
I may not have the money,
But atleast I am funny.

If u see me stand and blush,
It’s because, You are my only crush.
When I read your every tweet,
My heart always skips a beat.

Now I wake up from my dream,
And I can only but scream.
I wish I could hold your hand,
And dance, an endless dance to Neverland.