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Why love is not a ‘constant’ equation rather than a ‘Differential’ equation.


One of my friends recently had this question on her blog. This is my answer to her post.

Love = Happiness is a differential equation because like you mentioned true love is expressed in many forms. Be it holding hands, looking into your partners eyes, remembering some trivial thing that might mean a lot to the other person, writing something inspired by them, giving them little surprises, writing a few love notes etc. Each in turn goes a long way in making the other person happy which makes them fall in love with you even more. Hence proved.

Now coming to the part about why Love is not a constant. If love were a constant, it would mean doing a certain set of things something in some pre-conceived manner to make someone fall in love with you. Which unfortunately is what seems to happen nowadays. Love is not some ‘constant’ formula that needs to be applied whenever you want someone to fall in love with you.

Hence love is an integration of the little differential equations of joy that go towards making someone happy which ultimately results in true love being attained.


Wooing My Unknown Lover

I would walk a hundred miles,
Just to see you smile.
A hundred more I shall walk,
Just to hear you talk.

When I heard you talk today,
You brightened up my lousy day.
Your face radiates a glow,
Brighter than an angels halo.

With honey kissed lips,
And sultry hips.
With dovey eyes,
You enchant us poor guys.

Now I know what you mean to us simple guys,
When I look into your lovely eyes.
Then I see You walk the ramp,
I feel that I am but a tramp.

I may not be able to sing you a ballad,
Atleast I can make you your favourite salad.
I may not be able to act,
But I love you, that is a fact.

I may not have the looks,
But I can cook.
I may not have the money,
But atleast I am funny.

If u see me stand and blush,
It’s because, You are my only crush.
When I read your every tweet,
My heart always skips a beat.

Now I wake up from my dream,
And I can only but scream.
I wish I could hold your hand,
And dance, an endless dance to Neverland.


Ode to my Lost Love

As the rain drops patter,
I miss her endless chatter.
I look into the gloom,
Remembering when our love began to bloom.

Through the fog, through the mist,
Her beautiful smile i could not resist.
The memory of our wonderful year,
Rolls down in a single tear.

I hear the rolling thunder,
And I begin to wonder.
Was what i did a blunder?
Which tore our love asunder.

Here i sit all alone,
In what was to be our happy home.
Wishing you was here today,
With me Misty, on this misty day.

Lost Love