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Vada for Rs.14


Today i was shocked to see that the price for a thing as small as a vada had gone up to 14 rupees. It got me thinking as to who this seems to happen in Bangalore. It seems to me that the hoteliers in Bangalore seem to be taking advantage of the chalta hai attitude of the ordinary Bangalorean. Had this happened in any other state, for eg Kerala then I’m sure this wouldn’t have been allowed. There would’ve been a mass scale protest which would’ve ultimately led the prices being lowered. The same thing seems to have been happening with the autos in Bangalore.

At first it would take some time to take to recover from the shock to see an auto driver brazenly quoting a price which he deems fit for travel to a particular location. Now it seems to have been engrained into the blood stream of the ordinary Bangalorean to reason with the auto driver, without battling an eyelid. Cause it seems second nature to us now.

If we were a species under study from a higher power, then I’m sure we would be declared as mutants, because our ability to adapt to external stimuli such as unwarranted price rise, greedy auto drivers seems almost godlike.

We are Bangaloreans, but its high time we bring back the bang into the Bangalorean.