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A Tale of Darkness

On a dark and desolate piece of land he sits,
Staring into the dark.
Waiting and hoping.
For dawn to break.

His pulse quickens,
His heart skips a beat.
When he hears the church bell strike,
Twelve times through the night.

He mumbles a quick prayer to the Lord,
And curses the ungodly hour.
When the Angels are all asleep,
And Demons come out to play.

The wind that blows,
Makes eerie sounds.
Echoing with the voices,
Of those gone by.

From the dark and dreary night,
There comes and ungodly howl.
To him it seems,
There are werewolves on the prowl.

Overcome by fear he looks up towards the heavens ,
For divine retribution.
Only to see the pure white moon,
Engulfed by the dark clouds of despair.

To him it seems,
That heaven’s been overrun.
By hells minions,
Coming out to play for the night.

He is surrounded by darkness,
He begins to despair.
His vision now shrouded by fear,
He sees the shadows waking from their sleep.

He sees them dance,
He hears them speak.
Moving like ghosts,
The specters of the dark night.

He feels them come over him,
He opens his mouth.
But, all that is heard,
Is a silent scream…..

He tries to struggle,
He cannot move.
They are all over him,
He can do nothing.

He’s all alone,
Alone in the dark.
Waiting for morn to come,
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…..

When the morn did finally come,
They saw he was found.
With his face a deathly blue,
Bout his death not a soul knew.

They still say on dark on desolate nights,
He still sits on the desolate piece of land.
All alone, still waiting for dawn to break,
Waiting, waiting, waiting….

The Dark Night.