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Breaking Dawn

I travel with the gentle breeze,
I am the mover of the leaves.
Wandering amongst the glades,
As was ordained till the end of days.

I have travelled many a mile,
Just to make so many smile.
I am the flicker of hope,
As darkness begins to grope.

I am the guiding light,
To those who were lost at night.
I am hope burning bright,
To those who have lost the fight.

Countless wars I have fought,
Countless wars i have won.
Tis a daily fight I fight,
Against the darkness of the night.

I am the harbinger of today,
The vanquisher of yesterday.
I am a daily prophecy,
A humble servant of time.

I am the rekindler of spirits,
I am the igniter of dreams,
I am hope reborn,
I am the “Breaking Dawn”.