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Wings of Fire

There you lie, with your closed eyes,

Can you not see, the sadness in their eyes.

Your cold hands are still,

But, they wait for u still.

Can’t you hear them, dear one,

Your people mourn for you, my son.

Today a nation cried,

For, a true leader hath died.

Have you not come too soon?

Three days before the full moon.

Have you not come too soon?

In this month after June.

I have taught them all I can,

Lessons I learnt being a missile man.

Can’t you see them fly higher,

On their Wings of Fire.

I was but a little spark,

When on this journey I did embark.

For you, I have ignited their minds,

Setting their souls alight.

Come now my son, you should rest,

For you, have passed life’s sternest test.

You have done all you can,

Showing them the true power of man.

I thank you my son,

For all that you have done.

For you have left behind a thousand Ignited Minds,

And given them Wings of Fire.


Breaking Dawn

I travel with the gentle breeze,
I am the mover of the leaves.
Wandering amongst the glades,
As was ordained till the end of days.

I have travelled many a mile,
Just to make so many smile.
I am the flicker of hope,
As darkness begins to grope.

I am the guiding light,
To those who were lost at night.
I am hope burning bright,
To those who have lost the fight.

Countless wars I have fought,
Countless wars i have won.
Tis a daily fight I fight,
Against the darkness of the night.

I am the harbinger of today,
The vanquisher of yesterday.
I am a daily prophecy,
A humble servant of time.

I am the rekindler of spirits,
I am the igniter of dreams,
I am hope reborn,
I am the “Breaking Dawn”.

Life’s True Chant

There all alone he stood,
On cold hard wood.
Looking at a noose held high,
For, he was about to die.

He had a beautiful wife,
Whom, he loved more than life.
With her he had a child,
Who, was anything but wild.

His ears began to ring,
When he heard the crickets sing.
To them he was, but an insignificant thing,
But, in truth he was ‘The King’.

That, he had failed in his quest,
Tore into him like swords in his chest.
So t’was in the forest,
He had planned his eternal rest.

He then cursed that fateful day,
On that wretched month of May.
When joined the war,
That would now take his life, in this land afar.

All alone, on the branch he stood,
Throughout his travels he had done only good.
With a noose on his head,
Readying the jump that would knock him dead.

He was all but ready to jump,
When saw wee little ants on the stump.
Their little heads, with pride held high,
Working the lines even though the night was nigh.

Looking at the ants marching along,
The King noticed something wrong.
For all the ants were marching loose,
All of them, to bite into his death noose.

He stopped the little ants to ask,
“Why take up this arduous task?”
To which he heard the little ants cry,
“I move my arms, so that you my brother don’t die”

“We work together on this deathly night,
So that you my King will stand up and fight.
I bite into this rope so tight,
So that you my Brother don’t die tonight.”

So taken aback was ‘The King’,
He had to ask the ants but one thing.
“Pray tell me ‘O Brothers’,
How is it to thee I am a ‘Brother’?”

“When God created the sun and the sky,
And, created the mountains so high.
T’was when he breathed life into you and me,
That you became a Brother to me”

From the King’s eyes rolled down the tears,
With which also rolled out all his fears.
For today the wee little ants,
Had taught him, life’s most beautiful chants.

“Life is not yours to take,
Life is yours to make.
Life is not yours to take,
Life is yours to make.”

A Tale of Darkness

On a dark and desolate piece of land he sits,
Staring into the dark.
Waiting and hoping.
For dawn to break.

His pulse quickens,
His heart skips a beat.
When he hears the church bell strike,
Twelve times through the night.

He mumbles a quick prayer to the Lord,
And curses the ungodly hour.
When the Angels are all asleep,
And Demons come out to play.

The wind that blows,
Makes eerie sounds.
Echoing with the voices,
Of those gone by.

From the dark and dreary night,
There comes and ungodly howl.
To him it seems,
There are werewolves on the prowl.

Overcome by fear he looks up towards the heavens ,
For divine retribution.
Only to see the pure white moon,
Engulfed by the dark clouds of despair.

To him it seems,
That heaven’s been overrun.
By hells minions,
Coming out to play for the night.

He is surrounded by darkness,
He begins to despair.
His vision now shrouded by fear,
He sees the shadows waking from their sleep.

He sees them dance,
He hears them speak.
Moving like ghosts,
The specters of the dark night.

He feels them come over him,
He opens his mouth.
But, all that is heard,
Is a silent scream…..

He tries to struggle,
He cannot move.
They are all over him,
He can do nothing.

He’s all alone,
Alone in the dark.
Waiting for morn to come,
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…..

When the morn did finally come,
They saw he was found.
With his face a deathly blue,
Bout his death not a soul knew.

They still say on dark on desolate nights,
He still sits on the desolate piece of land.
All alone, still waiting for dawn to break,
Waiting, waiting, waiting….

The Dark Night.

Marriage of True Love

A stolen glance,
Amidst a million stares.
A graceful dance,
Amidst a million pairs.

Hand in hand,
Together they stand.
Forever entwined,
Till the end of time.

Looking eye to eye,
Together they waltz.
Two hearts with a single beat,
With a rhythm that to the other sounds sweet.

With every step,
And with every stride.
Their love does grow,
In their hearts full of pride.

He, who till now was all alone,
Has now found the One, to take home.
She, who till now was without a home,
Has now found the One, who takes her home.

They share a bond,
Sanctified by sacred fire.
To each, the other is thine.
Together till the end of time.

Life’s journey is indeed strange,
For only marriage doth bring such a change.
They, that were strangers once,
Now travel together as One.

Amidst the Red and Green

Amidst the RED and GREEN,
Lies most of our Dreams.
Amidst the RED and GREEN,
Lies silent screams.

The colour RED,
Has left many dead.
The colour GREEN,
Is now a distant dream.

There lies many a dead Teen,
Amidst the RED and GREEN.
Their horrific screams,
Amidst the RED and GREEN.

PS: Special thanks to Sharmila for the opening words, which got me thinking and made me write this poem.

Wooing My Unknown Lover

I would walk a hundred miles,
Just to see you smile.
A hundred more I shall walk,
Just to hear you talk.

When I heard you talk today,
You brightened up my lousy day.
Your face radiates a glow,
Brighter than an angels halo.

With honey kissed lips,
And sultry hips.
With dovey eyes,
You enchant us poor guys.

Now I know what you mean to us simple guys,
When I look into your lovely eyes.
Then I see You walk the ramp,
I feel that I am but a tramp.

I may not be able to sing you a ballad,
Atleast I can make you your favourite salad.
I may not be able to act,
But I love you, that is a fact.

I may not have the looks,
But I can cook.
I may not have the money,
But atleast I am funny.

If u see me stand and blush,
It’s because, You are my only crush.
When I read your every tweet,
My heart always skips a beat.

Now I wake up from my dream,
And I can only but scream.
I wish I could hold your hand,
And dance, an endless dance to Neverland.