Random thoughts, ideas and articles.


My name describes me so well… it tells everything about me so perfectly…..
S -ome
U -seless
J -erk
I -n
T -rouble
H -alf-the-time
a.k.a Sujith.

I like to laugh and make people laugh.

Another Thing though i have the longest list of nicknames there has ever been. Well here goes
1) Gigi
2) Suji
3) Diggy
4) Dolby
5) Bulldozer
6) Redbull
7) Captain

Well m sure there are more to come and u can bet your bottom dollar that i will put it here.

On a more serious note, M a true Scorpio if you really want to know me you really have to chip off the outer layers to really to get to know the real me. I can either be your greatest friend or your worst foe. One of my other God-given talents(I think it is a talent and it applies mostly to girls), is that once i get to know your name I’ll never ever forget ya!

I really love basketball and football. I have learnt life’s greatest lessons on the court or on the field. It’s all about hustle, Loyalty and Respect as far as I am concerned!!!!

I also do have the gift of the gab and have an uncanny liking to create Full Forms out of name as u can see i have done with name! M also into Poetry and Photography. Love Adobe Photoshop and worship it!!

I also do pretty good impersonations of cartoon characters and most of my college lecturers. It’s a really handy gift!!

We’ll thats all there is to me then. Complicated m sure, but get to know me and u’ll never regret it.


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