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Wings of Fire

There you lie, with your closed eyes,

Can you not see, the sadness in their eyes.

Your cold hands are still,

But, they wait for u still.

Can’t you hear them, dear one,

Your people mourn for you, my son.

Today a nation cried,

For, a true leader hath died.

Have you not come too soon?

Three days before the full moon.

Have you not come too soon?

In this month after June.

I have taught them all I can,

Lessons I learnt being a missile man.

Can’t you see them fly higher,

On their Wings of Fire.

I was but a little spark,

When on this journey I did embark.

For you, I have ignited their minds,

Setting their souls alight.

Come now my son, you should rest,

For you, have passed life’s sternest test.

You have done all you can,

Showing them the true power of man.

I thank you my son,

For all that you have done.

For you have left behind a thousand Ignited Minds,

And given them Wings of Fire.