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My Reply to Engadget for their negative publicity about the adam.

Engadget posted an article (http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/09/notion-ink-adam-gets-caught-photoshopping-its-bezel-away/) about how the notion ink pohotoshoped the bezel of the adam. This I felt was not in the right taste. So here is my reply to them which I am sure they will take off the site pretty soon.

Engadget!!! Engadget, you may hate us, but cannot ignore us!!

Do you even know what the adam revolution is all about. Its is about a small company taking a big step forward. The tone of the article sounds so negative. Another way to look at it would be, The notion ink guys being the perfectionists that they are, decided that they had made a mistake and did not want to mislead their audience, changed their bezel to look more like the original product.

Just because they pay a lot of attention to detail, doesn’t mean they are fraudulent. They wanted to get everything right on the day of their launch. It is quite possible that someone forgot something as trivial as this. But they changed it. Full marks to them.

Attributing this mistake to every changing specs is truly incredulous. To discredit a wonderful young company who are bringing out a truly refreshing product is shameful. That too on a day which is very memorable for each of the thousands of followers of the adam has. An even more special day for all of us who have followed the wonderful journey of the adam from its initial inception to its final release.

Today is a day when apple will wake up and take notice. Today is a day when mobile computing will be changed forever. Today, the “adam” has finally arrived.

They deleted this post. But I know that they cannot delete it from my blog.